• General (Gen.)
  • Lieutenant General (Lt.Gen.) (inactive)
  • Major General (Maj.Gen.) (inactive)
  • Brigadier (Brig.)
  • Colonel (Col.)
  • Major (Maj.)
  • Captain (Cpt.)
  • Lieutenant (Lt.)
  • Sergeant Major (Sgt.Maj.)
  • Staff Sergeant (SSgt.)
  • Sergeant (Sgt.)
  • Corporal (Cpl.)
  • Private First Class (Pfc.)
  • Private (Pvt.)


  • Army Base Foundersville (Headquarters)
  • Army Base Fields
    • Fields Infantry Brigade
  • Army Base Dandridge
    • South Island Infantry Division
  • Army Base Lexington
    • Lexington Infantry Brigade


Personnel weapons

  • FN FNC - standard battle rifle
    • The Army acquired the Belgian FN FNC (known as the WSBR-2 in Washingtonia) to produce under license domestically in 2000, replacing the FN FAL as the standard battle rifle. The FN FAL (known as the WSBR-1 in Washingtonia) was used in that role since 1960, and was also produced locally under license.
  • SIG Sauer P226 - standard sidearm
  • AI AW - sniper rifle
  • PGM 338 - sniper rifle
  • Benelli M3 - shotgun
  • MATADOR - anti-tank launcher
  • Javelin SAM - anti-air system
  • L16A2 - standard mortar
  • MO-120-RT - heavy mortar

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