Washingtonian Navy (WNV)
HMS Invincible underway
WNS Beauchemin
Founded 1863
Country Kingdom of Washingtonia
Size 4,000 combatant personnel
Part of Washingtonian Armed Forces
Headquarters Naval Headquarters, Foundersville
Commanding Admiral Rhys Barby

The Washingtonian Navy (WNV) is the second largest and naval branch of the Washingtonian Armed Forces, the others being the Army and Air Force. The Navy was established in 1863, before which the small flotilla of mostly transportation vessels remained under the firm control of the then-decentralized Army. In 1863, when King George III signed off on General Mark Boyd's plan to modernize and "weaponize" an effective naval force, the "Army Naval Forces" came into being. It remained under effective Army custody thereafter, however the Navy officially became a fully independent force in 1908 when then Acting President General Abraham Quincy signed the Navy Decree.

The flotilla of the Navy consists of twelve capital ships (including four submarines) and several smaller craft, around 4,000 combatant personnel and a further 3,000 civilian personnel (most of whom work for the Defense Ministry). The aircraft carrier WNS Beauchemin is the flagship of the Navy and previously belonged to the British Navy as the HMS Invincible. She was acquired as part of a larger armament procurement transaction in mid-2005, and subsequently underwent extensive modernization and refurbishment. The Navy owns multiple jet aircraft, all of which are stationed on the Beauchemin. The Air Force is responsible for land-based military aircraft. Today, the Navy mostly handles Washingtonia's coast guard law enforcement needs, and occasionally deploys on goodwill tours and peacekeeping operations along the African West Coast.

The Navy is organized into two fleets and one further group assigned to protect the capital Foundersville. The entire force is commanded by the Commanding Admiral, currently Adm. Rhys Barby.


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Administrative formations

The Navy consists of several administrative and support formations (i.e. not combat divisions) with various functions. These formations can be led by a commissioned officer of any rank, and is appointed by the Commanding Admiral in consultation with the Minister of Defense.

Coast Guard Operations and Reserves (CGOR)

The CGOR is responsible for ensuring the readiness and scheduling of the Navy's reserve component as well as its law enforcement responsibilities. The CGOR is for all intents and purposes the main functioning organ of the Navy during peacetime, as it directs the combatant formations on their coast guard duties. The commander of the CGOR is currently Commander Duncan of the House of Concord. The CGOR is based at the Naval Headquarters in Foundersville.

Naval Installations and Support (NVINS)

NVINS manages all the Navy's installations, facilities and provides support services at those facilities. Commander Charlie Nolin is the current head of NVINS, which is based at the Naval Headquarters in Foundersville.

Naval Training (NVTRAIN)

NVTRAIN is responsible for the training and education of all Navy personnel. It runs the Naval Academy at the Military College of Washingtonia, which is a Defense Ministry facility. The current commander of NVTRAIN is Lieutenant Commander Robert Oakley. Naval Training is based at the Naval Headquarters.

Naval Intelligence (NVINTEL)

Naval Intelligence is the Navy's component of the King's Loyal Directorate for Military Intelligence (DMI), and is based at that agency's headquarters in downtown Foundersville. NVINTEL is currently under the command of Commander Jamie Griffes.

Combatant formations

Formation Headquarters Commander
Northern Fleet (NFLT) Naval Base Landing Commander Carl Traverse
Southern Fleet (SFLT) Naval Base Dandridge Commander John Connell
Capital Group (CGRP) Naval Station Foundersville Commander Yannick Boyewsky


  • Naval Headquarters: The Naval Headquarters (NHQ) is located in Kingsgrove, Foundersville, and is the administrative hub of naval affairs. NHQ houses the offices of the Commanding Admiral and the administrative formations of the Navy. It is located 2 km from NS Foundersville.
  • Naval Station Foundersville: NS Foundersville is attached to the Port of Foundersville, and is host to the Capital Group fleet assigned to protect the capital city.
  • Naval Base Landing: NB Landing is located near Landing in North Island, and houses the Northern Fleet.
  • Naval Base Dandridge: NB Dandridge is the largest naval installation in Washingtonia, and is home to the Southern Fleet, which is also the largest combat formation in the Navy. It is located is attached to the Port of Dandridge.


Non-commissioned officers

Insignia Cadet insignia Washingtonian Navy Seaman II insignia Washingtonian Navy Seaman I insignia Washingtonian Navy Petty Officer II insignia Washingtonian Navy Petty Officer I insignia Washingtonian Navy Chief Petty Officer insignia Washingtonian Navy Midshipman insignia Washingtonian Navy Ensign insignia Washingtonian Navy
Title Cadet Seaman II Seaman I Petty Officer II Petty Officer I Chief
Petty Officer
Midshipman Ensign
AbbreviationCdt.Sm II.Sm I.Pto II.Pto I.Cpo.Mid.Ens.

Commissioned officers

The ranks Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral and Fleet Captain are currently inactive due to the relatively small size of the Navy and little need for many senior officers.

Insignia Lieutenant insignia Washingtonian Navy Captain insignia Washingtonian Navy Lieutenant Commander insignia Washingtonian Navy Commander insignia Washingtonian Navy Fleet Captain insignia Washingtonian Navy Rear Admiral insignia Washingtonian Navy Vice Admiral insignia Washingtonian Navy Admiral insignia Washingtonian Navy
Title Lieutenant Captain Lieutenant Commander Commander Fleet Captain Rear Admiral Vice Admiral Admiral


Active ships

Class Ship(s) Division
Aircraft carriers
Invincible WNS Beauchemin (formerly HMS Invincible) (Flagship) Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Agosta WNS Constitution
WNS Friendship
WNS Liberté
WNS Church
Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Northern Fleet, NB Landing
Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Northern Fleet, NB Landing
D'Estienne d'Orves WNS France
WNS Tomason
WNS Quincy
WNS Bryant
Capital Group, NS Foundersville
Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Northern Fleet, NB Landing
Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Audace WNS Testament
WNS Royauté
Capital Group, NS Foundersville
Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Tourville WNS Headway Northern Fleet, NB Landing
Patrol craft
Vedette 13 Northern Fleet, NB Landing
Southern Fleet, NB Dandridge
Capital Group, NS Foundersville


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