The Washingtonian Penal Code is the principle authority in the Kingdom of Washingtonia that governs the majority of criminal offences and procedures. It was established by the Crimes Act of 1933. It is the most significant legal codification besides the Constitution in Washingtonia and therefore a characteristic of civil law besides the country's overwhelming common law elements.



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Title 1: General provisions

  • Burden of proof.
  • Prerequisites for liability.
  • Accessories to a Title 2 offense.
  • Conspiracy to commit a Title 2 offense.
  • Incomplete, preparation for- and attempted Title 2 offenses.
  • Classes of offense.
  • Immunity.
  • Bail.
  • Parole.

Title 2: Offenses

Offense class Offence Penalty
A (crimes against humanity) High treason
- - Conspiracy/attempt
Life imprisonment
A Genocide
- - Conspiracy
Life imprisonment
A Possession of a WMD Life imprisonment
A Ecocide
- - Conspiracy
Life imprisonment
B (crimes against the public) Treason
- - Conspiracy/attempt
Life imprisonment
B Murder
- - Conspiracy/attempt
Life imprisonment
B Infanticide and unlawful pregnancy termination
- - Conspiracy/attempted
10 years-death
2-6 years
B Torture
- - Conspiracy
Life imprisonment
2-4 years
B Incitement and encouragement of subsequently executed suicide 4-7 years
B Failure to render aid to a person in danger 1-3 years
B Rape
- - Conspiracy/attempt
Life imprisonment
10-25 years
B Homosexual rape Life imprisonment
C (crimes against the person) Sexual assault
10-15 years
5-10 years
C Homosexual sexual assault 10-15 years
C Kidnapping
- - Conspiracy/attempt
10-25 years
5-10 years
C Abduction
- - Conspiracy/attempt
10-15 years
5-10 years
C False imprisonment
- - Conspiracy/attempt
5-10 years
1-5 years
    • Armed robbery.
    • Robbery.
    • Carjacking.
    • Arson.
    • Breaking and entering.
    • Extortion.
    • Negligent homicide.
    • Operating an aircraft while under the influence of alcohol.
  • Class D offenses.
    • Criminal battery.
    • Theft.
    • Brandishing a firearm.
    • Forgery.
    • Embezzlement.
    • Operating a motor vehicle, ship or boat while under the influence of alcohol.
    • Abuse of public office
    • Vandalism.
    • Sedition.
    • Gross obstruction of justice.
    • Hacking.
  • Class E offenses.
    • Mutual combat.
    • Assault.
    • Petty theft.
    • Trespassing.
    • Public indecency.
    • Obstruction of justice.
    • Homosexual activity.
  • Class F offenses.
    • Gross insubordination.
    • Insubordination.
    • Compelling another to insubordinate.
    • Absence without leave and desertion.
    • Misuse of equipment.
    • Recklessness.

Title 3: Punishment

  • Death.
  • Life imprisonment.
  • Judicial discretion.
  • Mitigating factors.
  • Aggravating factors.

Title 4: Defenses

  • Insanity
  • Temporary insanity.
  • Justifiable homicide.

Title 5: Miscellaneous

  • Amendment procedure for the Code.

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