The Wastelands of Irradiated Earth currently consist of several throughout America. If you do wish to play in another country, don't hesitate to make up your own name for a wasteland, but please, don't be unrealistic and call it something only trolls will.

Area Wasteland Description
Core Region (IE) Core Region The New California Republic's primary region. The name itself already states the obvious: this is the most important region of the NCR as well as one of the most populous and organized in the entire world.
Mojave Wasteland (IE) Mojave New Vegas and Hoover Dam are the points of interest here. The dam supplies electricity to the entire region.
Midwest Wasteland (IE) Midwest
Northeast Wasteland (IE) Northeast
Capital Wasteland (IE) Capital Remains of Washington, DC. The Enclave, the official descendant of the US federal government is still based here.
Southern Wasteland (IE) Southern
Texas Wasteland (IE) Texas
Gulf Coast Wasteland (IE) Gulf Coast
Alaskan Wasteland (IE) Alaskan

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