The Bladed Gauntlet, or scissor gauntlet, is a popular weapon among warriors from Eryt and Baghbushi. It is a fingerless gauntlet over the whole hand with an large, elliptical blade over the front. It can go on both hands if the warrior is equally skilled with both (which the people of the area often are!)

The nest of bees is also a favorite among people north of Eryt (Obtoll and Ryilt) It is a large, wooden strutter that launches many arrows at once with gunpowder.

Swords are usually curved unless from Nyklom across The Sands or the lands beyond.

Bows and crossbows are both used, though crossbows are expensive and used by higher class warriors.

Metal armor is only used by richer, high class warriors, while most foot soldiers only use leather armor (occasionally with copper plating in a few areas (EX: shoulders, upper arms, shins) if they bothered to afford it)

The Nyzoma, an club fitted with the barbed teeth of various carnivorous animals) is commonly used in the far south (Tivolt) They take an tooth from there prey and add it to their weapon after they've slaughtered it.

Clubs of marble and wood are also used fairly often.

The most commonly used weapons though are spears, fit with a variety of spear heads (barbed, metal, stone or simply sharpened at the top) and put upon a long sturdy stick. Longer pikes are used while on mount and javelins are also often used.

In the Free city of Yezrii, chicken claw sickles are the preferred choice. They are long, three pointed sickles that are used to tear at the opponent.

Many of the monks and priests who reside around the land opt to use an weapon called the Nakrav. It it used both for harvesting fruits and can be used in self defense if needed. It has a long spear like shaft with an crescent shaped blade at the top, which is used to cut down fruit to high above them to reach with their hands. They pull it down with the crescent, and are very skilled at using it for fighting, sweeping and slashing at the opponent from a fair distance. The other end is also set with a net or basket for fishing or carrying the fruit.

Other monks (such as the black-cloaked Droagen monks) use bone, flat bladed daggers. They have a bone hilt and then fan out into a short, curved, but flattened, sharpened and lacerated at one edge blade.

In Tyrund (who are largely peaceful and do not like conflict) there weapon is an reed cane; stalks that they whip at the opponent.

In Urtek the often used weapon is an sling, which they become extremely skilled with and use the many rocks that are found in the area to launch at their opponents from above.

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