In this United States, the economic system is capitalistic.

Monetary System

Here it is required that each system be based off a pound of silver. A new england dollar is equal to a new orleans dollar which is also equal to a SC pound.

New England

Value of Unit
Half-penny $0.005
Penny $0.01
Nickel $0.05
Dime $0.10
Quarter $0.25
Half-dollar $0.50
Dollar $1.00

New Orleans

Value of Unit
Half-penny $0.005
Penny $0.01
Half-bit $0.0625
Bit $0.125
Two-bits $0.25
Half-dollar $0.50
Dollar $1.00


Value of Units
1/4 Farthing
1/3 Farthing




The USA has 7 - 12 political parties, some independent candidates, and few temporary parties. The democrats are anti-big government and usually become vice president. The republicans are more conservitive and make sure that a law is both freedom giving and not too democratic. The comedian party was started in 1984 as a joke yet now is still funny, they are clearly anarchistic. The whig, socialist, communist, and monarchist are all larger government parties, wanting big government. Some other parties are the:

  • Catholic party
  • Idiotic people's party
  • The meitocratic party
  • Green Party

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