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What is Conworlding?

Conworlding, also called worldbuilding, is the process of constructing an imaginary world, sometimes associated with a whole fictional universe. The resulting world may be called a constructed world or a conworld. The term "worldbuilding" was popularized at science fiction writers' workshops in the 1970s. Developing an imaginary setting with coherent qualities such as a history, geography, and ecology is a key task for many science fiction or fantasy writers. Worldbuilding often involves the creation of maps, a backstory, and people for the world. Constructed worlds can enrich the backstory and history of fictional works, and it is not uncommon for authors to revise their constructed worlds while completing its associated work. Constructed worlds can be created for personal amusement and mental exercise, or for specific creative endeavors such as novels, video games, or role-playing games.

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Major Projects
Collaborative projects make up the bulk of the activity on the Conworlds Wiki. Participating in one may help new editors learn about and be active in the wiki's community. Some major projects include:
  • Future World - A soft science fiction project taking place on current day Earth, with a host of new countries and futuristic technology.
  • Irradiated Earth - A soft science fiction project taking place in the Fallout world.
  • Nearly Real World - A realistic project taking place on current day Earth, with new countries on new landmasses.
  • New Era - A realistic project taking place on current day Earth, following a global political breakdown.
  • Pangam-Pangat - A realistic project taking place on a fictional planet in a distant star's Goldilocks zone
Flag of Ivalice Ivalice

Selected constate

Capital: Koiwai
Population: 48,872,300
Leader: President John Martin
Project: Nearly Real World
Author: User:Woogers

Summary: The Republic of Ivalice is a federal constitutional republic consisting of three states and a federal district, located off the eastern coast of the United States of America, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. (more...
Did you know?
Fact of the Now - list

Super Warmonkey bases most of his projects on mixtures of popular culture. Examples include his sci-fi project which is based on titles such as Supreme Commander, Starship Troopers and Star Wars, while his fantasy project is based on titles such as TES: Skyrim, Dragon Age, and Game of Thrones.

If you are a Spanish-speaking user, check out and join our sister wiki, WikiCreatumundo where you can create articles on just about anything in Spanish including constructed cities, countries, worlds, creatures, and more!

By World Genre

Science Fiction
  • Note: These three lists are not fully developed. This info is not necessarily up to date.

By Number of Pages in World

  1. (cat) Ivalice 508
  2. (cat) Georgeland 482
  3. (cat) Koiwai 293
  4. (cat) East Asian Federation (EAF) 276
  5. (cat) Union of Everett (EV) 259
  6. (cat) New Cambria 253
  7. (cat) Southern Cross Republic (SCR) 234
  8. (cat) Lorica 225
  9. (cat) Warpcraft 192
  10. (cat) Retrovian Empire 184
  11. (cat) Republic of Surea 177
  12. (cat) Allied States of America (ASA) 174
  13. (cat) Grand Yarphese Republic (YPGN) 174
  14. (cat) Leubantia 173
  15. (cat) 20x Universe 172
  16. (cat) Baltic Union (BU) 171
  17. (cat) United Federation of Southern America (UFSA) 164
  18. (cat) New Coordinates 159
  19. (cat) Nearly Real World (NRW) 155
  20. (cat) Europa 145
  21. (cat) SubWorld 143
  22. (cat) Faith 135
  23. (cat) Estreoth 124
  24. (cat) Kania 120
  25. (cat) Kingdom of Sierra 116
  26. (cat) Heigard 108
  27. (cat) Lecrotia 101
  28. (cat) Garbaterra 100
  29. (cat) Kingdom of Texas 87
  30. (cat) Imperium Skandinavisk 78
  31. (cat) Euskadi 75
  32. (cat) Wessex and Cornwall 75
  33. (cat) Future World (FW) 74
  34. (cat) Antarctica 69
  35. (cat) Ardenjost 68
  36. (cat) Occitania 64
  37. (cat) Atlion 64
  38. (cat) Canopus 59
  39. (cat) Dendrius galaxy 58
  40. (cat) Beast World 56
  41. (cat) Kyratovia 55

  • Note: This only lists the top 50 conworld projects with at least 50 pages on this site, according to Special:MostLinkedCategories. There are many other smaller conworlds on this site. This info is not necessarily up to date.
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