Werewolves are one of the many Human Races.

Werewolf (homo sapiens lupis, homo sapiens silvanis)
General Information

bipedal humanoid



Average Lifespan

shorter than normal, 50–60 years

Physical Information
Average Height

strong gender differences, i.e. males tall (> 190cm), females small (< 160cm)

Average Weight

strong gender differences, i.e. males strong and heavy, females slender

Skin Colors

all human colors possible, but mostly dark

Hair Colors

all human colors possible, rarely becomes gray or white, very hairy bodies in both genders, often long voluminous scalp hair

Eye Colors

often brown to orange, rarely blue

Abilities Information
Special Attributes

tail, nocturnal, remarkable strong dentition

Societal Information
Common Alignments


Most werewolves are skilled technically. Werewolves can smell and hear very well, hence they make good cooks and musicians, but even better mechanics. They often lack creativity, though. Males are interested in doing all kinds of physical activities, escpecially competitive sports, but sex is often excluded, whereas females develop an overwhelming lust when in heat.

Their strong tail is usually 30cm to 60cm long and can be quite hairy, but provides no useful function.

Werewolves usually give birth to twins, but quadruplets and even sextuplets are also quite common. Young werevolves, like vampires, mature faster than humans. All werewolves have six nipples in three rows, but hardly bosoms. Pregnant females develop two, four or six breasts depending on the number of fetuses in their womb, and after breast-feeding ends they retract almost completely.

Children of werewolves and humans can hardly be told apart from regular „pure-blooded“ human offspring, but gender specific attributes are highly pronounced in most cases. Male werewolves can mate with vampires, bearing werewolves. Their daughters often have a masculine physique, whereas sons look normal, except that both sometimes have just two visible nipples.

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