The Wessex Pacifist Force (WPF) also known as 'The Passies' was a Pro-Wessen Pacifist paramilitary group founded in Bristol, Wessex in 1973 during The Troubled Times. Initially a group of residents banding together to defend from British Loyalist attacks across the country, they upheld Pacifist morals. The WPF was contraversially funded by the Wessen government from late August due to the lack of major security forces.

The Wessex Pacifist Force attempted to end Unionist bomb attacks across Wessex, and was reported to have stopped over 20 attacks between 1973 and 1975, estimated to save over 200 lives. The WPF is remember in the WPF Memorial in Bath Memorial Gardens, with a list of all of the 'Brave Members who gave their lives protecting Civilians from Unionist Violence.' 

The groud was dissovled in 1975, following the Ceasefire between the UVF and the WPF, along with the Thursday Compact.

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