A Wessophone (Wessen - Wessonung, or Wessofoane) is someone who speaks the Wessen Language either as a native speaker, or as an additional language. As an adjective, it means 'Wessen Speaking.' 

Wessophone countries are Wessex and Newfoundland. These countries are referred to as the Wessosphere, or the Wessen Speaking World (Wessen - Wessekung Middan). Such countries may share the same media, most commonly music. Diaspora communities in Canada (most commonly the Labrador), the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom are also important centres for the Wessen language. 


  • Wessophonic - Wessonung, or Wessofoanek, - adjective used to described something as being to do with the Wessen Language.
  • Wessophone - Wessonung, or Wessofoane - Something in the Wessen Language. 
  • Wessophone Countries, Wessen Speaking World, or Wessekung Middan - Countries in which the Wessen Language is a official language. 

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