Type Public Company
Founded May 16th 1951
Key People CEO Auggust Godwinson
Headquarters Bristol, Avonshire, Wessex
Area Served Europe, North America, South America, Asia, Middle East
Industry Automobile Manufacturing and Distribution
Products Cars, Civilian Transportation
Revenue Green Arrow Up Darker
Profit Green Arrow Up Darker
Employees 42,700

Wesswagen, also spelt Wesswaggen is a Wessen multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Bristol. Wesswagen vehicles are produced in 4 facilities, and are marketed and sold worldwide. Wesswagen is a public company, owned by Wesswagen PC. Wesswagen was founded in 1951, with the introduction the Wesswagen W1, which is still in production today. 

Wesswagen produces a range of vehicles, from executive, to family vehicles. Wesswagen is also a major researcher into Hybrid technologies, and Clean Energy vehicles, and has marketed several Hybrid and Electric vehicles. 


Vehicle Bodies

Wesswagen produces 100% galvanised cars to prevent erosion. Along with other precautionary measures, the full-body zinc coating has proved to be very effective in preventing rust. Wesswagen offers a 12-year warranty agianst such corrosion, which was originally intended to be 10-years. 


In association with Japanese car manufacturer Honda, Wesswagen developed hybrid technologies for use in civilian vehicles. The first Wessen-produced Hybrid vehicle was unveiled in 2007. In 2010, Wesswagen unveiled a plug-in hybrid W.i. Comitted to the development of newer, and cleaner vehicle technologies, Wesswagen has also developed, and marketed, several plug-in rechargable vehicles. 


Wesswagen's headquarters is located just outside Bristol, near Avonmuthe. The complex includes the Corporate HQ, main design facility, and testing facility. The main manufacturing facility is located in Filton, north of Bristol. A secondary manufacturing plant opened in Suindon, Wiltonshire in 1987. 

Outside of Wessex, Wesswagen produces vehicles in;

  • Bursa, Turkey 
  • Dagenham, United Kingdom 


Current Models

Wesswagen Vehicles
W1 Compact Family Car
  • Saloon
W2 Supermini/City Car
  • 3-Door Hatchback
W3 Compact Executive Car
  • Saloon
W4 Compact Executive Car
  • Coupé
  • 5-door Hatchback
W5 Full Size Executive Car
  • Saloon
Wi Hybrid Compact Car
  • 5-Door Hatchback 
WS Full-size Luxury Car
  • Saloon (Sedan)



The Wesswagen Logo consists of two striped W's, that represent the two W's in the conjunction word, WessWagen. The two W's have a metallic effect mimicing the emblem used on the vehicles. The current logo has been used since 1975, when before, the two W's were not striped. 

The Typeface used on the two W's, is Display Gothic 8, which has been given a metallic effect. The word Wesswagen underneath the W's, is largely expected to be Times New Roman. 

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