Westland Raptor
Role Transport, Light Attack, Battlefield Logistics, Survey and Reconaissance
National origin WessexFlag Kingdom of Wessex
First flight 1999
Introduced 2003
Primary users Wessex Maritime Self Defence Force
Royal Wessen Coast Guard
Number built 200
The Raptor is a Fixed Wing, Vertical Take off and Landing craft manufactured by Westland Aicraft Corporation in Yeovil, Somerset. Predominantly used by the Wessex Maritime Self Defence Force's Air Fleet, the Raptor is popular due to its small size, and fast take offs and landings. The Raptor is also used by the Royal Wessen Coast Guard, and other civilian uses. The Raptor first entered service in 2002, and have been used as multi-purpose craft, for anything from Transport or Reconnaisance to Battlefield Logistics in the WMSDF, and is often assigned to work with WMSDF survey ships. 



The Raptor is an angular vehicle designed for its function. The forward section consists of the Flight Cabin, with two side-by-side seats for both the Pilot and ECO, with a large 'bubble' canopy allowing views from all sides. On the military version, the flight cabin opens into the main compartment where a workstation containing early warning, electronic countermeasures, and other equipment is manned by the ECO when not co-piloting the craft. The Civilian version, used by the Coast Guard contains seating, and room for two stretchers. 

Access to the Raptor's main compartment is primarily through a large port-side hydraulic door, and a floor-mounted hatchway provides access through the deck.


Raptors are powered by two main Jet engines mounted at the rear of the craft, which power the Raptor whilst in flight. When taking off or landing, the craft has small jets located on the craft's underbelly to allow it take off and land vertically. To manouver whilst taking of landing, the Raptor has a set of Reaction Control Points, which allow it to manouver quickly by using highly compressed air pushed out a several vents across the craft's body.


Raptors are mostly unarmed, if used in logistics, transport or reconnaisance. However other versions of the Raptor are Armed with standard issue WMSDF craft armaments. 


  • Balistic Missiles (Often)
  • Electro-Magnetic Pulse Weaponry (Mandatory) - Non-Lethal
  • Pulsed Energy Projection System (Often) - Non-Lethal
  • Standard Munitions (Mandatory)


  • Often Armed with Flares for Emergencies.

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