Wessex 1
Launched 1969
Network Radjo Teledu Wessex
Picture format 576i 4:3

1080i 16:9

Country Wessex
Language Wessen
Broadcast area Wessex
Affiliates Wessex 2
Wessex 3
Wessex 24
Witanegmot Cyannal
Headquarters Bristol, Avonshire
Formerly called RTW TV
Wessex An
Digital Terrestrial 001
LG Digitale 101
Sky 101
Wessex 1 (also known as Wessex An) is the first and flagship television channel of Wessen public broadcaster, Radjo Teledu Wessex. Wessex 1 largely on broadcasting a variety of programming, including news and current affairs, entertainment and drama, documentaries and informative programmes, and gameshows and talent shows. RTW shows much of its inhouse produced programming on Wessex 1, with many being repeated on Wessex 3 or Wessex 2. The annual budget for Wessex 1 is around 1 billion Yeo.

Wessex 1 was the first television channel launched in Wessex in 1969, after the first television broadcast in Wessex in 1942. 

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