The Westlandic People (Westlandic - Fölks Västlandik), also referred to as Westlanders, are a Germanic people inhabiting, primarily, the country of Westland. They speak a West Germanic language known as Westlandic. There is a total global population of roughly 15.5 million Westlanders, of which roughly 12 million live in Westland.

 Historically, the Westlandic population are descendant from both Anglo-Saxons tribes (including the Saxons, Jutes and Angles) and the Britons who originally inhabited the British Isles. Westlandic people are generally genetically isolated, due to the low level of interbreeding with other ethnicities, and are statistically more ethnically homogenous compared to other Western Europe nations.



Westlanders speak Westlandic, a West Germanic Language, which is closely related to German and English, having evolved from the same root language as English. Westlandic also has limited influence from Old Norse during the Danish Occupation of Westland during the early 11th century. Westlandic has a total of around 2 million. It is protected by the Västlandikinstitut, which is officially part of the University of Westland. 




The average height of Westlanders is 6'3" making Westland the 'tallest nation' in the world. The population has grown so tall in recent generations that the government had to change building regulations in 2006 to increase the height of doorways and ceiling height in public buildings. 

Westlandic Diaspora

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