Westlandic Language
Vӓитгaɴө Ипaᴋᴋ
Spoken in FlagofPenda Westland
Date created 14th - 16th Century
Region Western Europe
Native speakers 15,000,000  (2014)
Language family
  • Germanic
    • West Germanic
      • Anglic
        • Westlandic Language
Writing system Westlandic Script
Official status
Official language in FlagofPenda Westland
Language codes
ISO 639-3 vsk
Westlandic (Westlandic: Vӓитгaɴө Ипaᴋᴋ Vastlandik Sprakk) is a Germanic language and the official language of Westland. Westlandic belongs to the West Germanic branch of the Indo-European language family. While its roots remain Germanic, Westlandic has significant influences from Norman and French which stem from the Norman Invasion of Westland in the 11th century. 

Westlandic is spoken by approximately 15 million worldwide, and has official status in Westland and the United Kingdom. Westlandic is written using the Westlandic Alphabet, which is descended from the Runic Alphabet which was formerly used to write Westlandic before the 15th century.

Recognition and Distribution

According to the Constitution of Westland in 1923, Westlandic is the official language of the Westlandic People's Republic. Westland is the only state that officially recognises Westlandic through its constitution in the world, while the language is also spoken by the majority in Cornwall, it is not officially recognised in the Constitution. Westlandic is also spoken in isolated pockets in neighbouring Britannia among Westlandic immigrants, many of whom fled in 1923 during the Revolution. 


See Main: Westlandic Alphabet












Important Basic Vocabulary

  • Good Morning - Xöтшoяxaɴ Götmorgan
  • Good Evening - Xöтäva Götäva
  • Hello - Haггo Hallo
  • Goodbye - Xöтʙı Götbi/Bi
  • Thankyou - Taккa Takka

Written Examples

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