The Wessen Guild of Transport (Wessen - Wessisc Ǵebeoran jaf Onheran), commonly known as Onheran, is a guild, and state owned company that manages public transport in Wessex. The transport guild is responsible for Wessex's train services and public bus services. Set up in 1947, following the Transport Act which put the guild in direct control and management of public transport services in Wessex, which allowed for the modernisation of Wessex's transport infrastructure under state intervention.  is a statuatory corporation of the Wessen state and is answerable to the Government of Wessex. The company is headquartered in Bristol. The guild also has the responsibility of improving and managing transport infrastructure, by working with Shire councils.


The Transport Guild services are categorised into four operating companies, which it acts as the holding company for, these are;

  • WessexIarn - Manages Train Services, and Wessex's rail network. 
  • WessexBus - Manages public bus services outside of the Bristol Area. 
  • BristolBus - Manages metropolitan public buses in the Bristol area. 
  • BristolMetro - Manages Bristol Metro services. 

The Transport Guild is responsible for the overall strategy of the group. It owns all fixed assets used by the three companies such as railway lines and stations, dealt with through the Group Property division. 

Wessex Iarn

Wessex Bus

Bristol Bus

Bristol Metro

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