Wexol Fuel Company
Type Fuel
Headquarters Southampton, Hampshire, Wessex, United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall
Wexol Fuel Company, styalised as WEXOL, is a Wessex and Cornish Fuel company headquartered in Southampton, Hampshire, Wessex. Wexol was founded in 1979, and today in the main petrol/biofuel retail network an bulk seller in Wessex and Cornwall. Wexol is known for producing Biofuel, from Whey, the by-product of cheese making, which Wessex and Cornwall has an abundance of. Biofuel is very popular in Wessex and Cornwall due to the high price of Petrol and Diesel due to high cost imports, FlexFuel cars account for over 55% of all cars registered in the country. Wexol operates over 1,000 fuel stations across the country, and the Isle of Wight. Wexol is among the major petrol station operators in the country, along with Esso, Tesco, Shell and Emo. 

Most of Wexol's filling stations offer both Petrol/Diesel and Whey Biofuel, also known as E85.