William I
Emperor William I, Kaiser
Kaiser of German Empire
Reign 2009 - Present
Born February 8th, 1989
Berlin, East German
Spouse Ilma Kaiser
Issue Otto Kaiser
Full name
William I Perter Steiner
House Steiner House
Father Fedrich Steiner
Mother Alexandra Steiner
Religion Roman Catholic

William I is the current Kaiser of the German Empire, taking the place of his father, Fedrich in 2009. He is the second Kaiser of Germany, and has currently issued one child, a son of the name of Otto. While most European nations have their monarchy as mostly as symbolic instead of truely holding power, Germany differs with placing William as the Head Of State & Government and grants power to the Chancellor after elections.


William I was born to a Fedrich Steiner, and Alina Steiner in the East German Military Medical Center, his father being a devoted East German soldier. His father became a decorated hero on the battlefeild for saving his brigade in Iraq, and several moving speeches in Berlin lead him to be positioned highly in Germany, and was gradually positioned Kaiser.

At the age of 18, William joined under the wing of of his father to fight in the German-Czech Conflict, after a major debate came over lost lands of Czech to Germany, with the aid of Austria and Poland at the time still under the influence of Communist governments assisted the Czech Republic. This lead to a massive war, both sides having returning arguements. William, was sent to Munich to fight against the main Czech offensive, with his father leading the German forces in Poland. William had been instructed to his father that he was to take on the idenity of another soldier, allowing him to return to his family in Munich. Steiner took the name of his freind Kinser Hitzger, a Protestant from Munich.

William I Cartoon

Czech Cartoon on William I

While in combat on the outskirts of Prague, William was lost with his brigade and had fled to a woodland area. A Czech group of three had lead its way trough the the forest, William remained silent to allow the brigade for them to pass. He was spotted and the Czech soldiers opened fire upon him, he returned in a series of shots. After a few back and forth shooting, William was succesful in the battle, killing two of the men and injurying one. The brutally wounded Czech soldier was shot in the jaw, losing massive amounts of blood. William shot the remaining Czech and felt the harsh reality of war trown against him, he went into a temporary state of insanity and was found by a German brigade who were on a seaching party for a lost boy in a small farming villiage nearby.