Williamsland Territory
Location of Williamsland (Fascist Canada).png
Flag of Williamsland (Fascist Canada).png
Part of Flag of Fascist Canada (SWM) Canada
Capital Amundsen
 - Type Jewish Council
 - Chairperson Aaron Grossman
Population (2014)
 - Total 201,864

The Williamsland Territory (simply Williamsland) is an island and Special Region of the Greater Canadian Federation. Since 1946, it has been the official reservation for the Canadian Jewry, today numbering around 190,000. The island forms part of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, with an area of around 12,516 km2. It is the 61st largest island in the world. Formerly known as King William Island, Williamsland was declared Jewish territory by the Jewry Act of 1946.

The Canadian Jewish Council, which consists of 8 Canadian Aryans and 7 Canadian Jews, has limited governmental powers over the Territory and its politics, however, the majority of state affairs are handled by the regional government of The North. The Jewry Act states that all Jews in Canada must be registered as inhabitants of Williamsland, where their permanent residence must also be located. Jews are allowed to leave the island on a limited basis, and only with permission from the Jewish Council. Jews are afforded mostly full rights in Williamsland.

The Territory has around 200,000 permanent inhabitants, of which Jews make up the majority (190,000). The remaining 10,000 are mostly members of other 'differentiated groups', whom are allowed to intermarry with the Jews; and some Canadian Aryan administrators. More than 95% of the population live in and around the territorial capital, Amundsen, on the island's southeastern coast.


- Background -

The choosing of King William Island as the reserve for the Jews was a mostly arbitrary decision. The amount of Jewish people in Canada at the time (1946) and the size and habitability of the island were factored in. The significance of the island to the Canadian Aryan population, was, however, the dominant factor during the decision making process. King William Island was sparsely populated (less than a hundred inhabitants) at the time and offered little in the way of natural resources, apart from the high number of caribou present on the island. It was thus deemed to be suitable for the purpose of serving as a reserve for the Jewry.

- Act -

- Settlement -

- Development -

- Recent history -

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