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Williamsport City
—  City (Federal Territory)  —
City of Williamsport
Kruz Insland municipality 001.png
Country Islas Kruz Bandera Kruz Islands
State 25px Federal Territory
 - Total 351.81 km2 (135.8 sq mi)
Population (2013)
 - Total 1,000,000
 - Est. (2013) 1,300,000
Regional Telephone Code 010
Website w

Williamsport (Kruzean : Nyao Williams ) is the capital city of the Kruz Islands, located in the Federal Territory. It's the second largest Kruzean city by population, just behind Honga City. Williamsport is also the first ever city in the islands, seen as it was founded by the first settlers in 1846. 

It is home to the Government and Parliament of the Islands. The High Council is located in Parliament building on Capital Hill. The President lives and works in Oakmont Manor, located in Oakmont Park. The Manor is commonly just called Oakmont.

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