Willy Chineys
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Native name Willy Chineys
Birth Name Willy Chineys
Born 23 November 1942
Birth Place Port Barentsz
Residence Copa Cabana
Nationality Draguan
Ethnicity Dutch
Citizenship Draguan
Education Political Education
Alma mater Port Barentsz Public School
Occupation President
Years active 2005 - Present
Home town Port Barentsz
Height 1,92m
Title President
Term 2005 - Present
Predecessor Ian Smith
Political party Draguan Liberal Party
Religion Atheist
Spouse Elly Marie Hunter
Children Ellis Hunter (b. 1988), Lina Hunter (b. 1996)
Parents Bernard Douwe, Ank Chineys

Willy Chineys (Port Barentsz, 23 November 1942) is the current president of the Draguan Islands, leader of the Draguan Liberal Party and ambassador for the Draguan Wildlife Fund. His duty as president began in 2005, when he won majority of the election votes from the election between him and current Presidential Secretary Simone Baker.

Early life

Willy Chineys was born on the 23th of November 1942 in Port Barentsz, as the only child of Bernard Douwe and Ank Chineys. As a child, he was already obsessed by nature and science, and chose to study this on school till 1958, when he visited the Presidential Cabinet in New Haring, which was the capital at the moment. He chose to study politics, but continued with nature and science as well. He signed up as secretary of the New Haring council in 1971, after a short career as lawyer. In 1976, he became chairman of the New Haring council but left it after 2 years due a offer of becoming governor of Mid-Draguan, which was home to the new capital Copa Cabana. After 29 years of governing the province, he stepped into the presidency elections and became president of the Draguan Islands in 2006.