Coat of arms or logo
Term limits
4 years
Presiding Officer
Rosemary Buttersmith, Social Liberal Party
Political groups
     Social Liberal Party
     Green Party
     Labour Party
     Wessex Gebeorscipe
     Voice of Wessex
The Witenagemot, is the legislative arm of the devolved government of Wessex, a country part of the United Kingdom of Wessex and Cornwall. Named after the ancient Anglo-Saxon parliament structure in Wessex, the Witenagemot consists of 70 members, of with 66 are filled by elected officials, with a further 4 appointed by the First Minister of Wessex, and the Prime Minister of Wessex and Cornwall. 

The Witenagemot's members are known as 'Witan.' Currently, the Social Liberal Party holds the majority of seats in the Witenagemot, with the opposition being the Green Party. The Weseax Gebeorscipe also holds a considerable amount of seats. 


Legislative Functions

Areas of Function

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