Gweriniaeth Y Wladfa
Motto: Undod ar gyfer y Gymraeg (Unity for the Welsh)
Royal anthemGod Save the Queen
and largest city
Official languages Welsh
National Auxiliary Languages English, Spanish
Demonym Wladfan
Government Unitary Parliamentary Republic
• Monarch
Elizabeth II
• Prime Minister
Aled Gonzales
Legislature Parliament of Wladfa
Establishment 5th October, 1956
• Total
210,457 km2 (81,258 sq mi)
• 2013 estimate
• Density
2.3/km2 (6.0/sq mi)
GDP (PPP) 2013 estimate
• Total
$23 Billion (85th)
Currency Cerrig (CRW)
Time zone WST (UTC-3)
Date format DD/MM/YY
Drives on the right
Calling code +55
Internet TLD .wf
'Y 'Wladfa (Welsh: Gweriniaeth Y Wladfa) more commonly referred to as Wladfa or Patagonia is South American country bordering Argentina to the North and Chile to the East. The only non Romance-speaking country in South America, Wladfa has a population of 419,789. Wladfa is a dual lingual country, with the official cultural language being Welsh, and English being the national auxilary language. The capital and largest city is Trerawson

The land that now constitutes Wladfa had been inhabited by many nomadic indigenous peoples for thousands of years before the arrival of the Spaniards in the 18th and 19th centuries, in the form of missionaries. The indigenous population later destroyed their settlements. In 1865, the Argentinian government allowed for the settlement of the region. Welsh settlers arrived on the ship Mimosa, and settled in the Chubut Valley. The region was disputed between Chile and Argentina until 1881. Chile renounced its claim in order to prevent Argentina from entering into the War of the Pacific, in which it was already fighting against Peru and Bolivia. In the late 19th century, the Argentinian government became wary of the amount of Welsh people in the region, as they worried that the British Empire would use it as a reason to claim the territory, and set about 'removing' some Welsh people from the area. The British Empire retaliated to thise actions, and invaded the Chubut Province in 1897. The British remained in the region and it became part of the British Empire until its eventual independance in 1949. 

Wladfa is a Commonwealth Realm and a Unitary Parliamentary Republic. The Head of State is the Monarch of Wladfa, the Monarch of the United Kingdom, currently Elizabeth II, who is represented in Wladfa by the Governor-General of Wladfa. The Prime Minister of Wladfa is the Head of Government, elected through the Parliament of Wladfa. Wladfa is an active member of the United Nations, and the Commonwealth of Nations. Wladfa has cloe economical and political ties with Europe, due to its isolation in South America. Wladfa enjoys close relations with the United Kingdom through the English language and the Commonwealth. 

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