Wolfface Jian Heixing is the current High Cheifess or President of the People's Republic of Alaska and North Pacific. She is the 6th president in all, following Tigerstripe Katchi. She is the second Chiefess to run the nation, the first her sucessor Tigerstripe. Her vice-president is Bluestar Ngome


Wolfface, a child of Han descent, was adopted from the East Asian Federation by a Hawaskian family (Hawaiian and Aleut mix) from Kenai. When she was about eight her family moved to Kodiak City, where she met her best friend Bluestar, who eeventually became her vice-president. They grew up and went to high school together, and Bluestar worked in a textile factory and she became a biologist, specializing in wolves and horses.

Wolfface became interested in politics when the trade of animals was made illegal by Tigerstripe Katchi. She was determined to protest Tigerstripe and reverse all her unfair laws. She began to sway the public favor over Tigerstripe, and people wanted her to overthrow her. She eventually agreed. After she was High Cheifess, she became the best leader North Pacifc had ever had and improved the country through many policy changes. She and Bluestar are the first president who is not Aleut, Hawaiian, or Hawaskian (she is Han and Bluestar is West African)

Presidential Acheivements

Every president of North Pacific has a special color. Wolfface chose orange and became known as The Orange Cheifess. They also have to choose a special animal, and she chose a wolf. She passed the Animal Protection Law, which outlawed hunting for sport. Animals could only be killed if they were property of the government.

To be contiued

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