The Women's Role Decree of 1868 is a royal decree that was issued by King George III of Washingtonia on 28 June 1868, one year before his death. The Decree, which is still valid law today, sets out the role of females in Washingtonian society as determined by Christian tradition.


By His Royal Highness the King, George III

A decree,

Knowing with appreciation that The Almighty God has blessed man with woman, and

Fully aware that Adam was formed before Eve, and

Realizing that Eve was deceived, and not Adam, therefore

Acknowledging that woman is not as emotionally or intellectually fit as man, and

Affirming that woman is also physically inferior to man, therefore

Expecting that woman, especially who be married, must be protected and defended against harm from herself and others by man, and finally

Recognizing that woman, especially who be married, must support her man at home, and man must maintain woman and family, We make the following order:

1. Unless ordained by His Royal Highness' Government or Decree, no woman be assumed or placed within a position of authority over man.

2. All womankind must live in faith, love and holiness with propriety.

3. In the marriage, man is the head of the woman as Christ is the head of the church.

4. Man must respect, love, protect, provide and maintain his woman.

5. In His Royal Highness' Government, no woman shall be a member of any high council, any high court or any high magistrate.

6. Woman's first role must always be to bear children and thereafter to support her man and her family. She has independence otherwise.

7. It shall be a criminal offense for woman to neglect her man or her family.

Sic fiat,

In the Name of the King, George III [signed]

King's Loyal President-in-Government, Henry Concord [signed]

Dated: The twenty-eighth day of June in the year of our Lord One-Thousand Eight-Hundred and Sixty-Eight (28 June 1868)

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