The Women's University of Washingtonia (WUW or simply Women's) is a private university reserved for females located south of the Washingtonian capital of Foundersville. The WUW was founded in 1893 by The Rev. C. James Dodd of the Christian Church of Landing (CCL) specifically to train females to better fulfill their traditional roles in Washingtonian society. CCL still owns and operates the Women's University.

The WUW is known for its strict adherence to Christian dogmatic principles and conservative campus culture. This has led to widespread domestic and international condemnation of sexual inequality, however due to Washingtonian society's uniquely unapologetic commitment to maintaining the patriarchy, these concerns have yielded few results. Students are required to wear uniforms and may not have intimate relationships with partners if they stay at one of the University's residences, to name but a few such policies.


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