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--Bona al la encycla lorica.

Below is a list of affixes (voca aphicsa) in the Lorican language.

Prefixes and Suffixes

  1. sub- (sub-)
  2. sup- (super-)
  3. re- (re-)
  4. -nai (not) - used to mean not something, or to do the opposite of something
  5. -yl (regarding) - oft used with -sepa
  6. -de (of) - adjective form of the verb
  7. -ae (to do) - infinitive, imperative and exhortative form of the verb, oft used as spellcasting command
  8. -u (really) - indicates strong sentiment
  9. -ar/-ara (one who does) - usually '-ar' is used for men and '-ara' is used for women
  10. -yn/-in (doing) - this is the gerund form of the verb
  11. -sepa (study of)
  12. -magia (magic of)

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