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Introduction to Lorica

--Bona al la encycla lorica.

The World of Lorica

Welcome to Lorica, world of secrets. Lorica holds many secrets - secrets which, over the course of the storyline, are gradually revealed.

Physics system

The world of Lorica has both a material reality which people live in, and separate reality of dark matter. The two realities cannot be directly interacted with, save via magic. An understanding of the dual-planar identity of the world of Lorica is absolutely essential for an understanding of how magic works.

See topic page for details.


Lorica is a world of magic. Magic is everywhere: aside from being used by spellcasters, it exists in countless species of wildlife, and permeates the world. Hence, much of Lorican biology, chemistry and society is founded on various principles and uses of magic.

See topic page for details.


The planet is substantially smaller than Earth's - approximately 85% in radius/diameter, 72%(85%^2) as much surface area, and 61%(85%^3) as much volume. Lorica has far less metal content in its core, and so the light-matter half is only 80% as massive as Earth. Lorica is actually two planes existing in the same place. The dark-matter half is primarily liquid and so is only 1/8 as massive as the light-matter half (which is primarily rock). This brings the mass of Lorica to 55%(85%^3*9/8*80%) of Earth's. Accordingly, the effect of gravity on Lorica is 76%(85%^3*9/8*80%/(85%^2)) that of Earth's.

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Humans are the dominant (and essentially only sentient) species. At the time of the story (Chronicles of Revelation), civilization has progressed to a mid Medieval technological stage (no gunpowder, no steam engine, no electricity). Technology is actually very backward, as the brightest minds of each generation focus their attentions on magic - this also means that magic-technology is very advanced (capable of rivaling modern technology in many situations).

Humanity is divided into numerous realms/states, with only one large empire, Saphrona; the rest are kingdoms and fiefdoms. Civilization's technological apex is shared by the six guilds and their mages.

See topic page for details.


Commoners speak low Lorican (which is represented as plain English in the story). Intellectuals and those in the maging communities however speak another language, high Lorican, which is similar to Latin in many ways.

See topic page for the basics of high Lorican.

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