National Archives
Wringonan Archives Building
The front of the Building during day.
General information
Location 2900 Arely and Steam,Norman City, Wringo
Status Complete
Groundbreaking 1734
Constructed 1734-1746
Opening 1799
Use Government
Companies involved
Owner Government of Wringo

The Wringonan National Archives is a large building located in Norman City, Wringo, that contains nearly one million records, books, films, historical documents, and other specimens. The National Archives is the largest collection of historical documents in Wringo, and it also houses the Wringonan Constitution. The National Archives are located in the Brigham District, at the corner of Arley Street and Steam Street.


The National Archives were created in 1799, as means for storage of important documents. The Archives at the time were small, yet he building that it occupied was large for future documents. In 1823, the National Archives began collecting copies of Wringonan books, as means to preserve Wringonan history. By 1850, the Archives had a collection of nearly 500,000 documents. In 1901, the Archives building was renovated to improve the old building. A second renovation occurred in 1976, adding air conditioning, repainting, and buffing of some inside features. The Archives had a collection of 847,135 documents by 2000, and that number continued to increase. As of 2011, the archives has a collection of nearly one million documents.


The building is divided into three halls; Main Hall, Left Wing, and Right Wing. Each hall has a large center area for reading and observing of documents. The Main Hall also serves as an entrance to the building from the corner of Arley and Steam. The Archives also includes a special underground segment in which top importance documents are kept. Only authorized persons have access to the underground segment.