The Wringonan shilling (ISO: WRS, Symbol: ws) is the official national currency used by the Republic of Wringo, and the production administered by the Bank of Wringo. The shilling has a comparison cost to the USD at one shilling to every one dollars and two cents. The shilling has been in production since the settlement of th islands by the British, but the currency adapted to the political status of the nation over time. Currently, the shilling is printed at the Warren City Mint and the Port Samus Mint.


The shilling was first introduced to the islands in 1699, not long after the British had taken the islands from the first settlers. The first actual currency had to be shipped in with people as they came, because even though it was the official currency at the time, the original settlers had not taken any to Wringo with them. During the Wringonan Revolution, the shilling was commonly deposed by Wringonan nationalists, and usually thrown in large quantities into the sea. While the nationalists did this, they did not realize this increased the value of the shilling at minimal effect. After the war had been won by the colony, the initial government at first decided against keeping the currency. However, this would most likely cause a major financial crisis in the event where the government would no longer accept it for taxes. So instead of no use, they simply began to print the first versions of the Wringonan shilling, while still using the British shilling until it became defunct as the Wringonan shilling became more popular. The Wringonan shilling went against inflation over time, and had gradual decreases in its value by the end of the French Revolution. In 1809, Wringo printed the "1800s edition" of the shilling, which was to replace aging coins. The mints in Warren City and Port Samus were built around this time, and those became the primary minting locations of Wringo as they are today. A second edition of the shilling was introduced in 1919, about a year after the end of the Great War. This edition became hyper inflated around 1928, with the first start of the Great Depression. The currency was replaced in 1938, as economic situations had improved dramatically. The Wringonan shilling was replaced a fourth time in 1993, and that edition will continue usage until around 2060.


Older Coins

British Edition

First Edition

Second Edition

Third Edition

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