Wu Fang is the current and first President of the Republic of China, he is part of the national party of Kuomintang, part of the Conservative-Nationalist.


Wu Fang, born from parents living Taipei in the Republic of China in 1979 October 12th. He was one of the six children of the family. Fang, lead a fairly well life, his father was a military service man, which he brought into the house with a militant disciplinary fathering.

As a child he was devoted to his mother's agricultural side of the family, owning a large rice and yam farm on the southern portion of the Island. Fang annually visted the farm on his school vactions.

Fang went on to study at the University of Tokyo, were he graduated with fairly high rankings. Durning his time in Japan, he found that part of his family (Wu's) had been been fully Japanese before its opening to the world. It was in the Sino-Japanese War that his mother and father met mutually. They both relocated to Taiwan after the loss by the Nationalists.

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