A Wyvern-II at Goonhilly

Wyvern-II is a Wessex and Cornish small expendable rocket used to launch satellites. The Wyvern-II followed the failed Wyvern-I, and was first launched at Goonhilly Space CentreCornwall in 1996, and launches have continued and it is still active as of 2013. The Royal Insitute of Astronautics (RIA) began developing the Wyvern-I in the late 1980's alongside RASA with some input from the UKSA, however tests on this failed and the Wyvern-II program began. 

The Wyvern-II has three stages, and is 27.9 metres tall, 2.5 metres in diameter, and weighs about 140,000 tonnes. It is capable of luanching a satellite weighing around 1 tonne, in an orbit as high as 300 km. 

The Wyvern-II launched the Axiom Research Satellite Program between 2001 - 2007, and several communications satellites since.


Date Flight Mission
July 6th, 1996 WII-1 First flight of the Wyvern-II, from Goonhilly Space Centre, went successfully, and launched a telecommunications satellite into low Earth orbit.
August 10th, 1996 WII-2 Second flight of the Wyvern-II, launching telecommunications satellite.
February 12th, 1997 WII-3 First of the NTCSat Satellites NTCSat-I
June 20th, 1997 WII-4 Second NTCSat Satellites. NTCSat-II
May 24th, 2001 WII-5 First of the Axiom Satellite Program - Geomapping satellite
7th May 2007 WII-6 Second launch of the Axiom Satellite Program - Scientific Research satellite
3rd March 2011 WII-7 Third launch of the Axiom Satellite Program - Climate Change monitoring satellite
23rd January 2013 WII-8 Fourth launch of the Axiom Satellite Program - Research Telescope, largest payload to date
9th March, 2013 WII-9 CI6 signals intelligence and communications satellite. 

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