Xai Alithian Church
Xai Alithian Church (Xai script)
Rose of the Kanian Alithian Church
Black Rose of the Xai Alithian Church
Classification Protestantism
Theology Biblicist
Polity Presbyterian
Governance Xai Ruling Council
Leader Xai Ruling Council
Associations None
Geographical areas Worldwide
Headquarters Oxida Nova
Founder Ulysses Morgan
Origin November 18, 1840
Xai Ascendancy
Congregations 304,293
Members 17,737,168
Hospitals 617
Primary schools 3,285
Secondary schools 1,806
Tax status Exempt
Tertiary institutions 32
Other name(s) Chruch of the Xai

The Xai Alithian Church is the state church of the Xai Ascendancy. The church professes strict Biblicist faith, and regarding all other churches to be of lower standing, does not associate with any associations. A considerably younger church by the standards of the world, the Alithian Church teaches the doctrine that the Bible is the inspired Word of God, that the alterations to the Bible over the centuries–such as the removal of God's name; have been the result of an attempt to prevent true understanding of Christianity. The Alithian Church plays an active part in the governance of the Xai Ascendancy, as it too is led by the Xai Ruling Council which controls the church.



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