Xarukdom of Xakara
Xarukar xi Xakara (Vaka script)
Xarukar xi Xakara
Flag of Xakara.png
Motto: Iona vana Xauta, xe kioka vaza Xauta
Praise our God, the only true God
Location of Xakara.png
Location of Xakara in Xivonioki Imperium
Capital n/a
Largest city n/a
Largest metro n/a
Official languages Xivonaki
Demonym Xakaraioki
Tazen Xevan Xo'Varshaioko
Xaruka Vala Xa'Xanioka
Kovak n/a
Foundation n/a BNC (n/a)
Area  Ranked 1st
Total 2,020,718 km2
Proportion of Ixania 15.6% of 12,976,998 km2
Population Ranked 1st
Total (2012) 113,246,132
Density (2012) 56.04 km2
Proportion of Ixania 17% of 667,900,493
GDP Ranked 0th
Total (2012) ƒ3.291 trillion
Per capita ƒ29,065 (0th)
Time zone +0
Flower n/a
Tree n/a
Bird n/a
Rankings include all xaurakdoms
The Xarukdom of Xakara (Xivonaki: Xarukar xi Xakara), or simply Xakara, is one of the twenty-eight xarukdoms of the Xivonioki Imperium. With a total land area of more than two million square kilometers, and a population of 113,246,132, Xakara is the largest and most powerful xarukdom in the Imperium, and often regarded as the true power behind the Ixanian empire. Its current leader is Xaruka Vala Xa'Xanioka, first cousin of the current Tazen of Ixania, Xevan Xo'Varshaioko. Her reign has been marked by her underhanded attempts to gain control of the mainland xarukdoms of Xivon.

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