Xanza (Vaka script)
—  City  —
Xanza skyline.jpg
Xanza in Ixania.jpg
Country Ixania
Province Xavai
Built 625 AD
 - Type Mayor-Council
 - Mayor
 - Total 277.91 km2 (107.3 sq mi)
 - Land 270 km2 (104.2 sq mi)
 - Water 7 km2 (2.7 sq mi)
Elevation 80 m (262 ft)
Population (2011)
 - Total 4,111,254
 - Est. (2012) 4,115,000
Time zone -3

Xanza (Xanza (Vaka script))is the capital and second city of the Xanza Province, and the capital of Ixania. It was established as the capital of Ixania in 630 AD six years after the unification of Xivon during the Seven Centuries' War between the Xona and Xani people. The site was chosen as the capital due to its perfect location as a trading centre, despite the fact that it was located deep within Xani territory. However, as the Ixanian people thinking militarily and not politically, they care little for the fact, and past Ravaxa for the choice of the new capital, though it was often serve in this capacity when Tazens moved their courts to the city.

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