Xaret city of Tibira

The Xaret (Hiluxian for Dangerous) is a tribe that lives in west-central Thietia. They are also known as the Isharet in their language.


Pyramid 1 xaret
Pyramid 2 xaret

The Xaret come from the same background as the Hiluxian and other neighboring tribes, originating from northwest Thietia. Not much is known about their early history, but they were in central Thietia around 3300 BC, and that they are most closely related to the Eshnat and Ashur. They did not form a single nation, instead lived in city-states which formed part of a greater Xaret society. Around 2700 they began to build permanent towns, using some stone but mostly sand bricks. While not as advanced as their neighbors at constuction, they were excellent metalworkers and were skilled at working gold, silver and bronze items.The Xaret began to mingle with the Hiluxians more frequently ca. 2500 BC. They adopted their language and religion easily, but were not keen on giving up their local government in favor of a union with their neighbors. Some small communities in the borderlands began to join the Hiluxian empire by 2300 BC and by 1900 BC some 40% of Xaret lived within the empire's borders.


The Xaret were, like the Nakua, not very skilled at building and architecture. They used a lot of sand bricks in building, and some stone as well. Their pyramids were copies of the Hilux style, but were inferior in quality and design. By 2200 their pyramids began to feature actual climbable steps, but were shorter and rounder.

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