Xiao Family
Xiao Family
From left to right:
Xiao Biao, Xiao Gang, Xiao Guo-liang, Xiao Jia-ni, Xiao Lian, Xiao Hark
Ethnicity Han Chinese
Current region Wushan
Place of origin China
Notable members Xiao Biao
Xiao Gang
Xiao Jia-ni
Xiao Lian
Connected families Xue family
Mei family

The Xiao family is the leading political and business family in Wushan, and a major player in the politics of the Republic of Atlion. The Xiaos moved to Atlion during the mid-1700s leading the Chinese mercenary bands hired by the British Empire to harass the French and Dutch colonies on the island. Since then, the Xiaos led the formation of Wushan, and were critical to the state joining Atlion in 1795.


Family Members