Xiejai 水國
Xiejai 水國
Xie Kingdom
Flag of Unified Korea
Emblem of China
Xiejai before Hokkaido island
CityLargest City
水人哪裡 Xiemaikheli
水人哪裡 Xiemaikheli
Official Language(s): Xiejainai
National Language(s): Xiejainai, English, Chinesse
Regional Language(s): japanesse
Demonym: Xiejaiian
Ethnic Groups: Japanesse, Korean, Chinesse, Brittish, American
 - Total Population:

Currency: Xie dollar

The Xie kingdom has place on an alternate history Earth where some invaders from China and Korea take control of Hokkaido island during Tokugawa period. In this alternate world there's also many fantasy creatures and magical powers that don't exist in our world and where the key for invaders to conquer Hokkaido.

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