Xivon-American War
Date 23 January 2013–Present
(n/a months, n/a weeks, n/a days)
Location United States
Result Ongoing
Flag of Ixania Great Ixanian Empire Flag of the United States United States
Commanders and leaders
Flag of Ixania Varsha Xo-Xevan
Flag of Ixania N/A
Flag of Ixania N/A
Flag of Ixania N/A
Flag of Marza N/A
Flag of Marika Xevan Xo-Cena
Flag of the United States Barrack Obama
Flag of the United States Joe Biden
Flag of the United States John Kerry
Invasion Forces (2012–2013)
Post-Invasion Forces
Ixania: 200,000
Amarika: 150,000
Axuna: 135,000
Other Imperial Dominions: 250,000
United States Armed Forces: 700,000
Casualties and losses
Killed: 30,000
Wounded: 75,000
Missing: 700
Killed: 80,000
Wounded: 100,000
Missing: 6,500
Civilians Killed: 850,000
Wounded: 300,000
Missing: 20,000-35,000
The Xivon-American War is an ongoing conflict between the Great Ixanian Empire and the United States and Canada. The war follows the 2012 invasion of America, which opened the conflict with a gruesomely bloody start. The Ixanians and Vashan having been waging a two-front war against the Americans, both seeking to gain new territories from the fight, while at the same time destroying a nation that has long been their enemies since the 1950s, preventing the spread of their influence whenever and where ever possible.

The failure of the international community to involve itself in the conflict comes as a result of the threat of two major powers putting the smaller nations of the world at risk of invasion, as is the current case with Switzerland. The war has caused millions of Americans to flee major cities for the Great Plains states, as the hyperviolent Ixanians and ultra-conservative Vashan armies moved deeper into the American territories. The Kanians are currently engaged in a conflict, abeit far less brutal one, with Canada. Their treatment of the civilian populations have been far more humane in comparison to their allies'.


Current Operations