Ya Kibeberu Maneno
English: The Imperial Song
Flag of Nge'ardhi
Flag of the Celestial Empire of Nge'ardhi

National anthem of Flag of Nge'ardhi Celestial Empire of Nge'ardhi
Lyrics Hani'Jaha, 1884
Music Hani'Sudi, 1884
Adopted 1885

Ya Kibeberu Maneno or The Imperial Song was the first national anthem of Nge'ardhi, and the current anthem used by the empire today. It was written by the twin priests Hani'Jaha and Hani'Sudi in 1884 as a gift to the Kaizari of Nge'ardhi at the time, Juu'Matata'Tamaa. So greatly did he appricate it, that he declared it to be the national anthem of the empire the next year, and that decree gave Nge'ardhi its first and only national anthem.

Lyrics and translation

Original Ishara English

Mungu kusaidia kaizari
Tunamwomba kuishi milele
Tupe hazina kama piles mlima
Inaweza ushawishi wake na nguvu kufikia duniani kote
Milioni hamsini mwingine inaweza baraka zake upya kila siku
Mungu kusaidia kaizari

God help the emperor
May he live forever
Bestow treasures like mountain-piles
May his influence and power reach across the world
Fifty million times may his blessings be renewed every day
God help the emperor

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