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People's Democratic Republic of Yaiman
明本国공선민 (Yaimanese)
Flag of Yaiman
Coat of Arms of Yaiman
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: 공인共민韓华民本国공!
"Power and Glory to the Workers of Yaiman!"
Location of Yaiman
and largest city
Official languages Yaimanese
Demonym Yaimanese
Government Hutoist single party socialist state
Tam Jhuzamo
• Premier
Maku Nim
May 74 AD
June 5, 1823
December 18, 1943
• Current form
January 1, 1959
Currency Kuk (YMK)
Drives on the left

Yaiman, officially the People's Democratic Republic of Yaiman is a large Hutoist nation located in the Pacific Ocean.


Early History

East Asian Migration

Zho Dynasty

European Contact

British Colonization

Indepedence and Hutoism