Yao Conglomerate
Type Multi-National, Multi-Industry Conglomerate
Headquarters Shanghai, Free Republic of China
The Yao Conglomerate is a major multi-national conglomerate headquartered in Shangahi, China. The mega-conglomerate has several times come under investigation by the Free Republic of China due to concerns of espionage and market saturation, and has incurred several large fines for these offences, and has been dropped as a Government Contractor for China. The Chinese government still keeps a watchful eye on the conglomerate due to their zero-tolerance policy of putting Corporate gains infront of citizens. 

Yao's main centres of industry revolve around Automobile manufacturing, Consumer Electronic manufacturing and Robotics, and even every-day goods. Yao has been banned from producing Arms and Defence technology following its drop as a government contractor for the Chinese Self Defence Forces. 


Board of Directors

The conglomerate is governed by the Collection of Shareholders, the Board of Directors, which includes a regulatory official from the Chinese Government. Only 1% of Yao's shares are open to the general public, with the remainder being held by several wealthy international shareholders. 

Subsidiaries and Divisions

  • Tiancai Electronics - The consumer electronics manufacturing arm of the conglomerate, produces everything from Televisions to Elements for Computers, however Yao has a small market share in Chinese Electronics market, most of which is controlled by competitor Mingzhi Industries.
  • Yao Motor Company - The Automobile manufacturing arm of the conglomerate, the largest motor company in China, the company produces over 45% of vehicles on Chinese roads. Headquarters of the Motor Company are located in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, with its main manufacturing plants in China.
  • Yao Robotics - The Robotics R&D Arm of the corporation, headquartered in the Highly Secure Yao Complex in the outskirts of Shanghai. 



Notable Products