892 RC

892 in Religion

  • Seven Prophets, led by Ralyi Salim found the Holy Pantheon religion in the Pious Heartlands. It spreads throughout Jal-Pur and slightly into Avroa.
  • The city-state of Shadlimhill arrests the Seven Prophets, and executes them in what is now known as the Valley of the Martyrs. They are then revered.

892 in Conflict

  • First War of the Hills in the city-state of Ironport in Avroa ends. The Iron Hills are claimed by Ironport, and the Katanga are run out.
  • Civil war breaks out in Turzcay against the sultan. The Battle of Sallis takes place.
  • An orc horde of 100,000 besiege the city of Everwinter. The city is saved by the Ironport Guards

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