The Yeciall war was a conflicting beginning in the year 340 in Keltia and continued to the year 345 (after the conflict was joined by Aradech and Yertur), between an alliance of Hanu, Cersul and Tonash (Ghatini was also involved as a province of Hanu), known as the Auroran Treaty, and a union between the Tesecan States, Ranali and the southern Cersul states, known as the Soet Alliance (after the city of Soet where the union was forged). The build-up to the conflict is considered to have started around the year 336 but there were several historic disputes going back many years more.

The war is suggested to have been one main cause for the Cersul Civil War which also began in 340. Much of the Yeciall war conflict happened inside Cersul, which caused severe damage to that region

The war was so named because the conflict was based around the Yeciall Sea.


336 - Hanu blames Teseca for a raid in Setascer Pass that destroyed more than sixty ships and stole thirty thousand dimes worth of stocks. Teseca denies the claim.

337 - Dega reveals that Hanu attempted to abuse its power as Herald to convince the Auroran gods to reject Tesecan rituals the previous year, for an unknown reason.

337 - Hanu accuses Ranali of associating with Denorma Han Havescer, an anti-Auroran cult of sorcerors.

337- Tensions increase, Ranali backs Teseca.

338 - To maintain trade agreements with Hanu, Cersul pledges support of Hanu, provoking fierce riots in southern cities and towns, particularly Nyathine, Bexar and Vorend, which have close connections to Ranali and Teseca.

338 - Tonash pledges firm support for Hanu.

339 - Revolutions in southern Cersul continue, civil war appears likely. Teseca lands troops in southern Ranali and merges with Ranalian armies, which poise to move into Cersul territory.

339 - Tesecan and Hanu fleets mobilize. Teseca and Ranali cut main trade routes to Hanu and northern Cersul.

339 - Hanu deploys troops in northern Cersul.

340 - Ghatini mobilizes a fleet.

340 - Cersul soldiers invade Vorend, provoking civil war in Cersul. Teseca and Ranali move troops into Cersul and pledge support for Nyathine in the war.

340 - Hanu threatens to declare war on Ranali and Teseca unless they remove troops from Cersul. They decline and continue their advance.

340 - Hanu declares war against Teseca and Ranali. Yeciall war begins.

340 - Teseca and Ranali declares war against Tonash and Cersul.

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