Yellow Line
Rockall Yellow Line.jpg
Type Intercity and local
System Rockallic Railways
Status operating
Locale Rockallic Federal District, An Uinnia, An Thir na tÁirdteachd
Terminals Stáition Céintrall nan Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine
Meoirr na Lóda
Stations 23
Opened 1984
Owner Rockallic Railways
Operator(s) Rockallic Railways
Character At-grade, Elevated
Line length 172 miles
Route map
BSicon uINTa
Stáition Céintrall                 
BSicon uBHF
Sríad na hIòbhanna         
BSicon uBHF
An Iméallan na nCháitear         
BSicon uBHF
Iònnegéadhna hÓ Siar         
BSicon uINT
Géadhn Ó Nuardh         
BSicon uABZlf
Red Line
BSicon uBHF
Géadhn Ó Siar agus Áirdteachd     
BSicon uINT
Loch Ghéighdhain     
BSicon uBHF
Loch Ghluise     
BSicon uBHF
Ban Báis     
BSicon uINT
An Bhá na nDhiábhaille     
BSicon uBHF
Géadhna na nGaoidh     
BSicon uINT
Innéair Áibhan Eoighearr Ó hOirthear     
BSicon uBHF
Innéair Áibhan Eoighearr Ó Siar     
BSicon uINT
Cáthgheadhna agus Íseuch na nLóda     
BSicon uBHF
Innéair Áibhan Néuibhaghairra     
BSicon uBHF
Dúinn Geadhnéigh     
BSicon uBHF
Dúinn na nFhéaia     
BSicon uBHF
Créic Córchrais     
BSicon uBHF
An Chréica na nBhláitha     
BSicon uINT
An Bhá Góirm     
BSicon uABZrf
Western Blue Line
BSicon uBHF
Deaubhnuid nan Bhá Góirm
BSicon uBHF
Dánneirth na nDárna
BSicon uINTe
Meoirr na Lóda

The Yellow Line (Rockallian: Líne Méoillin), also known as Southern Line (Líne hÓ Dhéase) is a Rockallic train line that connects the Meoirr with the Rockallic Federal District, serving most of northern An Uinnia and the Barony of Dhéaseloda in An Thir na tÁirdteachd.



The Yellow Line follows the South Coast Line and connects the majority of the south coast's towns, as well as the Tíra na Líocha Nan Uinnia, with one another and the Rockallic Federal District. It has eight intercity stations.

From An Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine, the stations that the Yellow Line calls at are:

Stations between Stáition Céintrall nan Bhá nan Éirith Ghréine and An Bhá Góirm are also called at by trains from the Western Blue Line.

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