A labled picture of Yisis and Tilna


(please do not edited) This planet, pronounced "EESIS" by the locals, it is a uninhabitable wasteland to humans. It's temperatures dip below -60 F° and liquid mercury volcanos reaching 400 F°. These are what the locals use to craft building material by gathering mercury and puting it in molds then dipping them into liquid nitrogen which rains down from the skies. Their cities are a spectical for any human, cosmic traveler. Imagine cities glimmering with a metalic hughs not seen by any human eyes untill they stubbled apon the world. Speaking of which that period in Yisani history was both a wonder and a terror to it's people.

When the humans got there they were intrench in a bloody civil-war cuasing massive losses in the planet's population. The locals before had made a one world government which had worked out for hundreds of year untill a tyrant named R'skil yu (reh'-skil yoo) seized power and declared himself rightful ruler of the planet and he claimed he was born of the moon god Kashiil'cet. When the high council of religous prophets the Ja'viilsa'ya challenged the offentisity of his claims he had the council's citidel bombed, raided, and the prophets murdered. The citizens did not take kindly to the murders of the prophets who they believed were divine beings just lower than their gods. A rebellion was sparked and the loyalists and the rebels were locked in a deadly religous civil-war.

The Humans landed a decade into the war and were shot at by the loyalist regime. Theu humans pardoned them for this and tried to set talks but the regime's lust for power and got in the way and soon they declared war on the humans stating that their god of war Riishii tvel would guide them to justice against the herecratic rebels and the "demonic spirits" as he called the humans. The human government at the time were forced to react by supporting the rebelion. Their projectile energy weapons were much more affective against the local technolgy mostly made of crude energy weapons such as: spears, swords, shields, and primitive projectile weapons such as rail-guns.
Yisis 2

A city on Yisis

(to be continued)

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