Yosuzume (夜雀) is a habitable tropical jungle world and the third planet in the Genbu System. Yosuzume is known for its thick tropical jungle belt, which covers a large majority of the planet. The jungle plays host to a very diverse population of avian species, most notably, the Kotoryu, large predatory dinosaur-like birds which often cause a threat to the planet's settlers. Yosuzume are bird yokai in Japanese folklore, the planet named for its many avian species. Yosuzume is the homeworld of Kazuo Tsutomo

Yosuzume was one of the first planets to be settled after Benzaiten, making it one of the most economically developed. Yosuzume is a relatively wealthy planet which makes it fortune mostly from mining. Mining which is focus mostly at the poles, however has recently seen limited reduction in the size of its jungle, which has caused the Kotoryu to be more aggressive, nevertheless, people on Yosuzume are said to be some of the happiest in the Known Universe, owing to a high quality of life.


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