Yuan Qi
Yuan Qi

1st Minister of Defense of the Greater Korean Republic
In office
Preceded by None
Succeeded by In Office
Spouse Katherine Qi
Children Son - Kevin Qi

October 5, 1956
Residence Tokyo, Greater Korean Republic
Profession Military, Politics
Religion Shinto
Languages Japanese, English

Yuan Qi is the current Minister of Defense of the Executive Branch of the Greater Korean Republic's government.


Born October 5, 1956 to an middle class Japanese family and graduated from high school in 1978 and joined the Ground Self-Defense Force in 1979 and quickly rose through the ranks of the military and was positioned as the Commander of the Japanese troops in Iraq during the 2003 Invasion of Iraq by the United States.

Foreign Policy

Minister of Defense Qi policies are strictly conservative belief. He agrees partially on the First Amendment of the Korean Constitution, but is divided by the Freedom of Choice provided by the Constitution. He agrees on full gun ownership, and self-defense rights of an individual, an individual's family, and the individual's property.

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