Ywangdzango (Ywango Script: ) is the most predominant language of the Sahrabrani. Spoken by other 69% of the Sahrabrani population is has become the only language for interspecies communication by the Sahrabrani. Ywangdzango originated during the 1400's SCC. 

Ywangdzango is a relatively simple language to learn, particularly to humans, due to remarkably similar grammatical conventions, however with one major difference. In Ywangdzango, the subject of the sentence appears first. So for example, if you were asking 'Can I have passage on this ship', it would become 'Passage on this ship, I can have?'



Example Vocabulary

Word Meaning Pronunciation
Gógówa Hello/Greatings go-go-wa
Dzang To Speak/Language dez-ang
Sahrá Homeworld  sarr-ra
Sahrábráni Sahrabrani Species sarr-ra-bra-ny
Bráni People bra-ny
Utané I am oo-ta-nay
Uta I/Me oo-ta
To be/Exist nay
Pukai To Like poo-kai
Pa This pa
Pa'rutzonga This Ship pa-root-zongg-a
  • I would like passage on this ship - Hai pukai wen pa'rutzonga, uta ushaibé (literally: Like passage on this ship, I would)

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