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—  Municipality  —
City of Zargas
The skyline of Zargas
Red pog.svg
Administrative Map of Frecia.png
Location of Zargas
Country Flag of Frecia Frecia
Region Flag of East Coast Region Frecia East Coast
Province Flag of Province of Ioninos Ioninos
Prefecture Ioanina
Founded 1622
 - Mayor Thanos Ticismikios
 - Urban N/A km2 (N/A sq mi)
 - Metro N/A km2 (N/A sq mi)
Elevation N/A m (N/A ft)
Population (2013 estimate)
 - Urban 256,500
 - Urban Density N/A/km2 (N/A/sq mi)
 - Metro N/A
 - Metro Density N/A/km2 (N/A/sq mi)
 - Demonym Zargasi
Time zone KST (UTC-1)
Area code(s) +1
Website http://zargas.fe/

Zargas is the official capital city of the Ioninos province and East Coast region. With a population of 256,500 citizens. Founded in 1622, this city is situated 990 km north of Kalmakä following the East Coast of the island nation of Frecia.


Zargas was inavaded by Frecian in 1725. Before was an portugheese colonial city. Was founded in 1522.

Near this city was discovered gold in 1825 and this city was the capital city of Ioanina Republic. This republic was exists from 1841 to 1852.


Zargas was founded in 1622...

Expansion & Development

Modern Era


This city is situated 990 km north of capital city Kalmakä following the east coast near Ioaninas river delta.





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